Please add 50c for postage to all orders under $100.00.

Many US plate blocks have not been posted.  I'll be happy to look through your want list to help fill the empty spaces in your collection.

See additional US and GB stamps available in our store on hipstamp.com.  

PNC5 $0.75

PNC7 $0.95

PNC9 $1.15

Additional stamps 10c each

Scott 5039 10c Pears issued January 17 in coils of 10,000


Mostly non-denominated values (5c, 10c, 15c, 25c)

$100.00 of face value for $75.00 with free shipping.

Smaller quantities are available.  Please ask for pricing. 

Scott 5038 5c Grapes issued February 19 in coils of 10,000

Scott 5037 1c Apples issued August 12 in coils of 10,000

PNC5 $1.00

PNC7 $1.30

PNC9 $1.60

Additional stamps 15c each

2016 Coils 

The plate number interval is 27 so the USPS should have offered strips of 27 to guarantee receiving a plate number.

PNC5 $0.50

PNC7 $0.60

PNC9 $0.70

Additional stamps 5c each

Many singles, strips and plate strips are available.   Please ask for a quote.

Checks & Paypal accepted 

The form below can be used for questions or orders.  Orders are mailed upon receipt of payment.

Ciskei 42-45 NH

This is not the selection available at the shows.  

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